Steel Bending Machine

Steel Bending Machine-STB TYPE

Split type rebar bender has functions of bending and straightening, can bend into any angle between 0-130 degrees.
It is widely used in construction engineering for bending round steel, rebar, screw, etc.

Drive Section

The drive system consists of motor and hydraulic.
Strong strength and durability.

Bend Section

After special treatment,extremely strong and easy to handle high-intensity work.
Can be easily adjusted to any angle Within 130°.

Foot Switch

Start and stop of the device by the foot switch.
Model STB-28F
(hand valve)
(hand valve)
(solenoid valve)
(hand valve)
(hand valve)
(solenoid valve)
Voltage: 220/380V 220/380V 220/380V 220/380V 220/380V 220/380V
No-load Power: 750W 1500W 1500W 750W 1500W 1500W
Bending angle: 0-130° 0-130° 0-130° 0-130° 0-130° 0-130°
Bending speed: 5-6S 4-5S 4-5S 5-6S 4-5S 4-5S
Scope of bending: 6-28mm 6-28mm 6-28mm 6-32mm 6-32mm 6-32mm
Bending machine net weight 12.5kg 12.5kg 12.5kg 15.4kg 15.4kg 15.4kg
Hydraulic pump weight 24.2kg 34.5kg 34.5kg 24.2kg 34.5kg 34.5kg
Steel bar bende size 350*245*110mm 350*245*110mm 350*245*110mm 280*540*110mm 280*540*110mm 280*540*110mm
Steel bar bende package size 515*128*350mm 515*128*350mm 515*128*350mm 305*710*155mm 305*710*155mm 305*710*155mm
Hydraulic pump size 270*310*450mm 270*310*450mm 250*320*520mm 270*310*450mm 250*320*520mm 250*320*520mm
Hydraulic pump package size 295*405*470mm 295*405*470mm 290*410*560mm 295*405*470mm 290*410*560mm 290*410*560mm

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