Rebar Cutter-B Type

Electric Portable Rebar Cutter B Type

This portable rebar cutter can cut off construction rebar, deformed rebar, round rebar and rebar rod.
This rebar machine is widely used in construction engineering, suitable for 16mm-25mm rebar cutting.

Material of Cutter

This cutting blade is made of Chromium 12 molybdenum vabadium, all sides could be used to cut.
Each side could be used for around 1800 times.


The major part adopts casting which works with hydraulic pressure.
The machine body adopts ABS eco-friendly material which is durable, wear-resisting and break-resistant.


It includes toolbox of PP material inside for easy storage.
Outside the toolbox includes corrugated paper packing.
Model RC-16B RC-20B RC-22B RC-25B
Voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V
No-load power 850W/900W 950W/1300W 950W/1300W 1600W/1700W
Cutting speed 2-2.5s 2.5-3s 2.5-3s 3.5-4s
Cutting range 4-16mm 4-20mm 4-22mm 4-25mm
Net weight 9.5kg 11.5kg 12.5kg 22kg
Gross weight 12kg 14kg 16kg 28kg
Shape size 410×110×190mm 430×110×220mm 450×110×220mm 540×150×230mm
Packing size 480×150×310mm 480×150×310mm 500×150×310mm 605×215×295mm
Packaging PE box and 7 layers of corrugated boxes Iron box and 7 layers of corrugated boxes

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