Rebar Bender-B Type

Hand-held electric rebar bender, bending range 4-22mm

The rebar bender is a good companion for small construction sites. Large Savings in Processing Time of Reinforcement Bars.
Portable rebar bending machine for hand-held is widely used in small construction engineering for bending rebar, steel bar etc.

Bending part

This Rebar Bender machine with adjustable positioning bolt, can be set to accurately bend any angle 0-130 degrees.
Also can preset angle for repeating the same angle bend.


Environmental protection materials using ABS, durable, wear-resistant and resistant to fall.
With On-off valve, can repeating to bend the rebar to the same angle.


Outer packing is iron box structure and there is a solid foam inside the iron box for positioning.
Corrugated cartons are packed on the outside of the iron box.
Model RB-16B RB-22B
Voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V
No-load power 850W/900W 950W/1300W
Bending angle 0-130° 0-130°
Scope of bending 4-16mm 4-22mm
Bending speed 2-2.5s 2.5-3s
Certificate CE/ROHs/ECM CE/ROHs/ECM
Net weight 13.8kg 14.8kg
Gross weight 19.5kg 22kg
Shape size 545×200×150mm 565×200×150mm
Packing size 605×215×295mm 625×215×295mm
Packaging Iron box and 7 layers of corrugated boxes

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