Desktop Rebar Bending machine

Desktop rebar bending machine

The desktop rebar bending machine is a good companion for small construction sites. Large Savings in Processing Time of Reinforcement Bars.
There are two models to choose from, 6-25mm/6-32mm. Widely used in small construction engineering for bending rebar, steel rod, steel bar etc.

Main part

You can bend the steel bar to any angle you want according to your needs(0-360°).
The machine can operate two steel bars at the same time.

Control part

Manual adjustment of machine bending angle, only one adjustment is needed.
The pedal can be used to control the switch of the machine.


Work process does not produce sparks and dust.
Iron Base, Iron Shell Packaging.
Model DRB-25 DRB-32
Voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V
No-load power 1600W/1700W 2800W/3000W
Bending angle 0-180° 0-180°
Scope of bending 6-25mm 6-32mm
Bending speed 3.5-4s 3.5-4s
Certificate CE/ROHs/ECM CE/ROHs/ECM
Net weight 91kg 187kg
Gross weight 117kg 215kg
Shape size 425×445×370 595×575×470mm
Packing size 500×560×515mm 650×650×740mm
Packaging Iron box Iron box

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