Cordless Rebar Cutter


This battery-powered rebar cutter can cut off construction rebar or steel, deformed rebar, round rebar and rebar rod, more suitable for small construction site or household.
Main advantages: Light & small & portable safe for the users as cutting without sparks ,sediment smell.


One Handle, One charging base, Two 5Ah batteries, A rope around the neck.
Accessories will be provided free of charge.


It can be used 120-150 times at full power;Two batteries can be used alternately.
It takes 40 minutes to charge the battery.


It includes toolbox of PP material inside for easy storage.
Outside the toolbox includes corrugated paper packing.
Model RC-16C RC-20C
Voltage 18V 5Ah 18V 5Ah
No-load power 200W 200W
Cutting speed 3.5-4s 4-4.5s
Cutting range 4-16mm 4-20mm
Certificate CE/ROHs/ECM CE/ROHs/ECM
Net weight 7.3kg 9.3kg
Gross weight 13.5kg 15.5kg
Shape size 380×300×110mm 400×300×110mm
Packing size 515×128×350mm 515×128×350mm
Packaging PE box and 7 layers of corrugated boxes
Full power usage times 120-150 times 120-150 times

If you got any question about this product,please do not hesitate to contact with me!

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