1What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
A:There is no MOQ. Any quantity of orders will get the same attention from us. But the price is depends on different quantity.
2What if there is any problem with the product?
A:During the warranty period, you will get free replace parts. After that period you have to pay for the parts.
3Are you the factory or trade company?
A:We have factory, we are the joint company of industry and trade.
4How about the terms of after-sales service?
A:Motor warranty 3 months, the whole machine warranty 6 months.
5How long is your delivery time?
A:Small orders will be shipped within 2 days, and large orders will be shipped within 7 days
6Can I use my own forwarder?
A:Sure,no problem.
7Could you print our own logo on products?
A:Yes, please provide the logo or nameplate, we will do as customization
8Can you provide the sample for test?
A:Of course, but the sample fee and freight is on buyer.
9Can you provide accessories for us?
A:Of course! We are able to provide wide range of accessories with reasonable prices for you.
10If I use rebar cutter for the very hard rebar or didn’t put the rebar in the very end place(hanging over the middle), Cause the cutting shaft out of shape and the cutting knife can’t move. What to do?
A:In general, it will be ok after you rub the cutting shaft with small file. If the cutting knife is seriously deformed, please change the cutting knife.
11The hydraulic environment is unbalanced cause by the air outlet in Rebar cutter’s head frame is block.Then the cutting knife can’t move.What to do?
A:Please clean up the air outlet, then get a little stick inside the air outlet. Tap the stick and press the machine switch in same time, it will be fine after few try.
12The cutting knife is move in a very slow speed, is it because the hydraulic oil not enough?
A:Yes, please add hydraulic oil to the machine
13The cutting knife is move in a very slow speed in winter, the hydraulic oil shrinks in cold weather, the pressure is not enough. What to do?
A:Leave the machine open for 3-5 minutes
14The cutting knife about the bending machine is in half way out and can’t move, what to do?
A:The return valve is not tightened, please loose the oil return valve follow the direction of arrow, then tight it again.


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